Tesla Ink Jet Systems

Tesla Ink Jet Systems manufactures a wide range of single-pass inkjet print engines for numerous different applications. Our specialty is adapting our products to exactly meet our customer’s requirements. Our print engines have a well-deserved reputation for reliability. We understand what it takes to deliver a system that will work all day, every day in a typical industrial environment.

The speed, accuracy and very compact size of our engines makes them ideal for integration into existing production lines or presses.

Tesla Ink Jet Systems produce Print Engines for either full process color (CMYK), called TPrint engines or single color, called TMPrint engines. Process color is used for the printing of images, where the process of mixing the 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) enables a wide aray of colors. These are applied in a single pass without pinning between colors, allowing the engines to be some of the most compact on the market. The single color engines are used for variable data, e.g. text and barcodes, in black, spot color, such as red, but also white, varnish or even Glue.


We want to share with you everything there is to know about inkjet. From inkjet basics to training programs customized for your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Practical sessions lead by inkjet specialists enable you to become the expert! We also provide refresher courses to keep your knowledge up to date with our technology.

Find the right ink for your application

To help you find the right ink, we have perfected our multi-step testing program. We are always pushing forward with new solutions to ensure we deliver reliable and robust industrial printing solutions. We utilize ink technology from a selected group of remarkable global ink suppliers, with whom we work closely to tailor our needs to your requirements.

Test print on your product or material

Our print samples lab includes XY scanning, single-pass machines and web-transport machines. We will provide print samples on your substrate material from your image files. Or you can visit us in our lab where we will work with your engineers to replicate your project – by the end of 2 working days you will walk away with the high-quality samples you imagined.

Configure your print system

We offer complete ink system and head mount design to provide the best accuracy and performance for Konica Minolta inkjet products. Our engineers are experienced in designing creative solutions to suit your specific requirements. We thrive on handling prototyping and manufacture of components and will provide you with a complete set of drawings and CAD models.

Deliver and install

We work with you to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery and installation process. Our production and administration team are available for any questions you may have about your equipment’s delivery, providing quick and accurate information at all stages. Once the products have arrived, our friendly service team will be on site to complete an efficient install working with you to provide the level of service you need

Support and guidance

Our dedicated support team are readily available for our worldwide customer base.

Not only are they highly skilled, they work closely with our inkjet experts to answer your questions. Whether it is on site or remote support you need, we do what it takes to get the job done. Training and support is important to you, and therefore it is important to us.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

The pharmaceutical sector is an exciting and growing market, with many standards and specification requirements. We are able to meet the demanding criteria of exceptional print quality, uncompromised data security, production that is free of hazardous chemicals and unique security codes for product tracing.

We can facilitate printing on:

  • Flat cartons
  • Pre-glued cartons
  • Erected cartons
  • Customization on aluminum blister packs
  • Printing of aluminum foils
  • Medical pack web materials from aluminum
  • Plastic, paper and medical grade paper

Typical packaging applications

  • Pulp Packaging such as egg cartons
  • Foil for pharmaceutical blister packs
  • High speed coding of food and beverage carton
  • High quality carton board printing
  • Shrink film for non food items
  • Metal packaging such as paint cans and tubes
  • Transactional Printing 
  • Mail Handling