Kodak VT 3000 Priniting System

Kodak VT 3000 Priniting System

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Kodak VT3000 variable print systems are high-speed inkjet printing solutions designed for high-volume commercial printing operations. They are part of Kodak's Versamark product line, which includes a range of inkjet printing systems for different applications.

The VT3000 variable print system uses Kodak's Stream inkjet technology, which enables high-resolution printing at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute. The system can handle a wide range of paper stocks and can print on both sides of the page, allowing for maximum flexibility in printing applications.

One of the key features of the VT3000 is its ability to perform variable data printing (VDP), which allows for personalized and customized printing of text, graphics, and images. This is particularly useful for direct mail and other marketing applications, where personalized messaging can be used to increase response rates and engagement.

The VT3000 also includes advanced color management capabilities, allowing for accurate and consistent color reproduction across different printing devices and media types. The system can handle a wide range of colors and can achieve excellent color saturation and vibrancy.

Overall, the Kodak VT3000 variable print system is a powerful and versatile inkjet printing solution for high-volume commercial printing operations. Its high-speed capabilities, advanced VDP capabilities, and precise color management make it a popular choice for direct mail, marketing collateral, and other applications where high-quality printing and personalized messaging are critical.

• Maximun Print Width: 17.92” (45.51 cm).

• Resolution: 300 x 300, 300 x 600.

• Pre-post options: A range of options from Kodak and others including Hunkeler and Lasermax Roll Systems.

• Processing options: Fixed perforating, line-hole punching (tractor feeds), 2 or 3 hole punch and selective perforating.

• Paper handing: 8”-20” (200mm-520mm) web wide. Slack input and output.

• Substrates: Pre-printed or blank, pinfeed or pinless roll-feed paper.

• Paper Weight range: 16-12#bond (60-160 g/m2).

Speed (2-up duplex):

• 250 fpm (76mpm) = 1,090 ipm (8.5 x 11 in.)/1,026 ipm (A4).

• 350 fpm (107mpm) = 1,526 ipm (8.5 x 11 in.)/1,436 ipm (A4).

• 500 fpm (152mpm) = 2,180 ipm (8.5 x 11 in.)/2,052 ipm (A4).

Controller options:

• Kodak Versamark CS300c System Controller. Input: IPDS. Connectivity: TCP/IP (10/100/1,000 Mbps).

• Kodak Versamark CS410 System Controller. Input: IJPDS. Connectivity: TCP/IP (10/100/1,000 Mbps).

• Other PDLs: PCL, AFPDS, LCDS, Metacode (available through third-party conveter).

Environmental operating ranges:

• For environments with relative humidity: 10%-90% non-condensing, the temperature range is 60ºF (15.6ºC-29.4ºC).

• For environments with relative humidity: 10%-60% non-condensing, the temperature range is 86ºF-104ºF (30ºC-40ºC).


ModelVT 3000