Dawson Digital Machinery Slitting Machine

Dawson Digital Machinery Slitting Machine

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Playing card business card, post card slitting machines 28 x 40 inch shPlaying card business card and postcard slitting machines are devices that can be used to create multiple cards from a single sheet of paper or cardstock. The 28 x 40 inch sheet size is a common size used in the printing industry, and these slitting machines are designed to work with this size of paper.

To use a slitting machine, a large sheet of paper or cardstock is first loaded into the machine. The machine then uses a series of blades or rotary cutters to cut the sheet into smaller pieces that are the size of the desired cards. The cards are then typically ejected from the machine onto a conveyor belt or into a collection bin.

The playing card business card and postcard slitting machines are designed to work with specific sizes and types of cards. For example, a playing card business card slitter is designed to create smaller cards that are the size of playing cards, while a postcard slitter is designed to create larger cards that are the size of postcards.

These machines can be used to create a variety of cards, including business cards, postcards, playing cards, and trading cards. They are commonly used in the printing industry to produce high volumes of cards quickly and efficiently, and can be a valuable tool for businesses that need to produce large quantities of cards on a regular basis.eet

Function Feature

1. High Efficiency

•Unique up and down layer card conveying tunnels with two collation parts makes the

speed can reach up to 3600 sheets/hour.

•Collecting and servo delivery part assure the sequence of cards without

missing .Then the cards transported in sequence to be corner punched

2. High stability

•All the key steel parts such as machine walls, cams, uses high grade steel

•High speed running parts such as shafts, rollers are made by high grade steel

quenched and dynamic balance tested to make sure the stability when running at

high speed.

•Motors, belts, chains and so on are well-known brand in domestic and abroad.

Bearings are mostly from C&U Group with key bearings from NSK

•Pneumatic parts are from SMC-Japan

•Electric parts are Omron, Schneider, IDEC, and Delta etc

•Servo system is from Yaskawa-Japan

•Hydraulic parts are from SMC and Huade

3. High precision

•Unique positioning correction system provides a larger correction rang and easier


4. High degree automation

•This machine can not only be used for cards slitting and collation, it can also be

connected with our photoelectric checking machine and wrapping machine to form a

production line. This line can realize cutting, corner punching, inspection and

wrapping in one line -- saving lots of employees and increase the working efficiency.

5. Safe and easy operation

•PLC control together with man-machine interface will display the operation status,

malfunction and diagnose and operation requirement. All the settings are displayed in

the screen and changed by the function button according to instruction in the

man-machine interface

•Many sensors and safe device are equipped with the machine to make sure the

machine run well and safety. All the malfunctions will be displayed in the screen for

easy problem elimination.


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