Gunther Inserter MS-6000 MS119

Gunther Inserter MS-6000 MS119

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The Gunther MS-6000 with the MS119 designation likely refers to a specific model or configuration of the inserter machine. While detailed specifications for this exact model may not be readily available without consulting the manufacturer's documentation, here are some general points that could be relevant:

  1. Model Specificity: The MS119 could indicate a particular set of features, upgrades, or capabilities tailored for certain types of mail or packaging operations.
  2. Technical Specifications:
  • Processing Speed: Likely designed to handle high volumes of inserts per hour.
  • Insert Sizes: Capable of working with various envelope sizes and types of materials.
  • Automation Level: Features to minimize manual intervention and enhance efficiency.
  • User Interface: Possible enhancements in user interface for ease of programming and operation.
  1. Applications:
  • Mail Processing: Ideal for businesses and organizations handling large quantities of mail, such as billing departments, marketing firms, and fulfillment centers.
  • Packaging: Suitable for inserting promotional materials, brochures, or other items into packages.
  1. Maintenance and Support: Regular maintenance routines and available support services to ensure the machine operates smoothly and efficiently over time.

To get specific details about the Gunther MS-6000 MS119, including its features, capabilities, and user manual, you may want to visit the manufacturer's website or contact their customer service directly. They can provide the most accurate and detailed information tailored to your needs. If you have specific questions or need guidance on particular aspects of this machine, feel free to ask!


Cem Cutter

Meter Base

stacker MS119

Fold Module MS119

Flat module MS119

Cem Cutters (Stand Alone)

Stabilizer (Spare)


ManufacturerGunther Inserter
ModelMS-6000 MS119