NPI 4000 Sorter 4000

NPI 4000 Sorter 4000

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The NPI 4000 sorter is a machine used for sorting items, often in industrial or manufacturing settings. It employs advanced technology to rapidly and accurately sort items based on various criteria such as size, shape, color, weight, or other specified parameters. These sorters are often used in logistics, postal services, recycling facilities, and warehouses to streamline operations and improve efficiency. The NPI 4000 sorter is likely a specific model or variant of sorting equipment manufactured by a company named NPI.

  1. NPI 4000 with a total of 100 Bins; it can read, verify, move updates, spray and read USPS Barcodes at 30K/H.
  2. Not capable of handwritten.
  3. It is Full Service enable/capable
  4. It has two interchangeable Video Jet 47pc printers, one for the Barcode and one for the address change(NCOA)
  5. No Redate printer although the address change printer can be configured to Redate instead of NCOA


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