1988 Heidelberg GTO 52

1988 Heidelberg GTO 52

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The Heidelberg GTO 52 is a highly regarded offset printing press that has been widely used in the printing industry. Here are some key features and details about the 1988 model:

  1. Year of Manufacture: The "1988" designation indicates the year this particular model was manufactured.
  2. Model: "GTO" stands for "Gutenbergsche Tiegeldruckmaschine mit Original-Gestell und Original-Zubehör" (Gutenberg Platen Press with Original Frame and Original Accessories). The "52" denotes the maximum paper size that the press can handle, which is approximately 52 x 36 cm (20.47 x 14.17 inches).
  3. Technology: The GTO 52 is an offset lithographic printing press, which means it uses a process where ink is transferred from a plate onto a rubber blanket, then onto the printing surface. This technology allows for high-quality printing on various materials.
  4. Printing Capabilities: The GTO 52 is known for its versatility and reliability in handling a wide range of printing jobs, including small-format commercial printing such as business cards, flyers, letterheads, and other similar materials.
  5. Automation: While the GTO 52 is a manual press in many aspects, some models may feature semi-automatic or automatic features for tasks such as ink feeding and registration.
  6. Size and Weight: The dimensions and weight of the press may vary depending on specific configurations and additional features, but generally, it is a compact and relatively lightweight machine compared to larger offset presses.
  7. Maintenance: Like any printing press, proper maintenance is crucial to keep the GTO 52 in optimal condition. Regular cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of key components are essential to ensure consistent and high-quality output.
  8. Market Value: The value of a used Heidelberg GTO 52 from 1988 would depend on factors such as its condition, maintenance history, any upgrades or modifications, and market demand. These presses are often sought after in the used equipment market due to their reputation for durability and print quality.

Overall, the Heidelberg GTO 52 is a workhorse printing press that has remained popular among printers for its reliability, print quality, and ease of operation.


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