2005 Atlas Copco SF2 FF 3hp SF2 FF

2005 Atlas Copco SF2 FF 3hp SF2 FF

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The Atlas Copco SF2 FF is another model of rotary scroll oil-free air compressor. Here's an overview:

  1. Oil-Free Design: Like the SF8 FF, the SF2 FF is designed to deliver clean, oil-free compressed air, making it suitable for applications where oil contamination is a concern, such as in industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, and food processing.
  2. Rotary Scroll Technology: It employs scroll compression technology, which is known for its efficiency, reliability, and smooth airflow characteristics.
  3. Capacity: The SF2 FF likely has a smaller capacity compared to the SF8 FF, given its model designation. It may be suitable for applications with lower air demand or where space is limited.
  4. Integrated Air Dryer: The "FF" in the model name indicates that it includes an integrated air dryer. This feature ensures that the compressed air is dry, helping to prevent corrosion and ensure optimal performance of pneumatic equipment.
  5. Motor Size: The SF2 FF likely has a smaller motor size compared to the SF8 FF, reflecting its lower capacity and intended use for lighter-duty applications.
  6. Year of Manufacture: The specific year of manufacture would depend on the production date of the unit in question.

Overall, the Atlas Copco SF2 FF is a compact and efficient solution for applications requiring oil-free compressed air with integrated drying capabilities, particularly in settings where space may be limited or where smaller air demands are typical. As with any industrial equipment, proper maintenance and operation are crucial for optimal performance and longevity.


ManufacturerAtlas Copco SF2 FF 3hp
ModelSF2 FF