2016 Screen 520 ZZ 520ZZ

2016 Screen 520 ZZ 520ZZ

$665,000 (USD)

Las Vegas, NV

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The Truepress Jet 520ZZ is a high-speed, continuous-feed inkjet press designed for the production of high-quality color prints in commercial printing and direct mail applications. Manufactured by SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., Ltd., this printing system is known for its speed, flexibility, and reliability.

Key features of the Truepress Jet 520ZZ may include:

  1. Inkjet Technology: The Truepress Jet 520ZZ utilizes drop-on-demand inkjet technology, where ink droplets are precisely placed on the printing substrate.
  2. High Speed: This printer is capable of high-speed printing, making it suitable for high-volume production environments.
  3. Variable Data Printing: The inkjet technology allows for variable data printing, meaning each printed piece can be customized with different text, images, or other variable elements.
  4. Wide Range of Media: The printer is often designed to handle a variety of printing substrates, including different paper types and thicknesses.
  5. Color Capabilities: The Truepress Jet 520ZZ is typically a color printer, allowing for vibrant and high-quality color prints.
  6. Web Press Design: It's a web-fed press, meaning it prints on continuous rolls of paper rather than individual sheets.

These types of printers are commonly used in applications where high-volume, variable data printing with excellent color quality is required. They are often employed in industries such as direct mail, publishing, and transactional printing. Keep in mind that specific features and capabilities might vary depending on the model and configuration of the Truepress Jet 520ZZ.


   Screen Truepress Jet 520ZZ DED - Used




   Printer Package Includes:


2 520ZZ Print engines


1 High Speed Upgrade option (220 m/min, 721 ft/min)


1 L type turnbar


1 Barcode reader, tractorhole and mark sensors


1 Color Management Tools


1 Websweep


1 IS-500 High Capacity Ink Delivery System


1 Equios workflow license Subscription


  Rackmount hardware for Equios software


1  Week - Prepress / workflow / Color management training

1  Week - Printer operation & maintenance training

1  Week - Start Up Assistance

6  Months Printer Only Service Included - $9,500 starting month 7 is optional, or pay T&M    as required

  - First 6 months Includes: 24x7 phone • 8x5 onsite • all parts (including printheads) • labor

  Equios Software Subscription starts year 2 - $2,500 per month required

  Ink cost per Liter - $48 Color / $41 Black


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