1999 Wohlenberg 45 inch paper cutter

1999 Wohlenberg 45 inch paper cutter

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  1. Cutting Capacity: Wohlenberg paper cutters come in various sizes and cutting capacities to accommodate different types of paper and materials. They are designed for precision cutting of paper and other substrates.
  2. Cutting Technology: These paper cutters typically use a guillotine cutting mechanism, which involves a sharp blade that descends to cut the paper cleanly and accurately.
  3. Accuracy: Wohlenberg cutters are known for their high level of cutting accuracy. They are often used for tasks that require precise cutting, such as trimming printed materials to size.
  4. Safety Features: Modern Wohlenberg paper cutters are equipped with safety features to protect operators. These may include safety curtains or guards to prevent access to the cutting area while the machine is in operation.
  5. Programmable Controls: Many Wohlenberg paper cutters feature programmable controls that allow for setting specific cutting dimensions and patterns. This is particularly useful for jobs that require multiple cuts of the same size.
  6. Digital Displays: Some models have digital displays that provide information about the cutting process, including measurements and cutting speed.
  7. Clamping System: A robust clamping system is typically present to secure the paper or material in place before cutting. This ensures that the paper does not move during the cutting process, which is crucial for accuracy.
  8. Productivity: Wohlenberg cutters are designed for high productivity and can handle a wide range of cutting tasks in commercial printing and bindery operations.
  9. Optional Features: Depending on the model and configuration, you may find additional features such as air tables for easy material handling, automatic blade adjustment, and stacking systems for efficiently handling cut sheets.


Model45 inch paper cutter