2020 Ricoh C7100 Digital Printer


2020 Ricoh C7100 Digital Printer

Las Vegas, NV


Ricoh Pro C7100X/C7110X is a series of high-end digital color production printers manufactured by Ricoh, a well-known Japanese electronics company. It is designed for professional printing environments, including commercial print shops and graphic arts businesses.

Some key features and specifications of the Ricoh Pro C7100X/C7110X series may include:

  1. Printing Technology: Electrophotographic laser printing with advanced color management and image quality control.
  2. Color Options: Capable of producing vibrant and accurate color prints, suitable for various marketing materials, brochures, catalogs, and more.
  3. Print Speed: High-speed printing to meet demanding production requirements, with different models offering varying speeds.
  4. Paper Handling: Supports a wide range of paper sizes and weights, including glossy, textured, and specialty media.
  5. Finishing Options: The series might offer various finishing options like booklet-making, hole punching, stapling, and folding to streamline post-processing.
  6. Advanced Productivity Features: Expect features such as duplex printing, multiple trays, and advanced color management tools to optimize productivity and efficiency.
  7. User Interface: An intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation and job management.
  8. Connectivity: Ethernet and USB connectivity, possibly with optional wireless capabilities.