Canon VarioPrint i300 Sheetfed Inkjet Press 2019

Canon VarioPrint i300 Sheetfed Inkjet Press 2019

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The VarioPrint i300 is a high-speed, sheet-fed inkjet production printer manufactured by Canon. It is designed for commercial and industrial printing environments, offering high productivity and quality. The VarioPrint i300 utilizes Canon's innovative iQuarius technology, which combines inkjet and toner-based printing to deliver sharp text, vibrant images, and consistent color reproduction.

Some key features of the Canon VarioPrint i300 include:

.I can confirm that the printer is currently set up to run the max. spec. sizes. The Flex Paper Modules are installed. See pictures of trays attached.


The system SN is 9310xxxxxx. The i300 uses a proprietary PRISMAsync controller vs. Fiery. It’s SN is C2Yxxxxxx, and is primarily a PDF processing system with option for IPDS PDL. 


2019 Canon VarioPrint I-300 Series



•           Sheet-fed Inkjet Press

•           Still in operation

•           The Canon service contract is still ac

•           Shipping is NOT included



Here was Feb 2024 end of month click counts.



1-color Large-2,400,869


1-color Small-87,189,422


4-color Large-466,977


4 color Small- 12,614,324


  1. As stated, this machine is still under contract


ModelVarioPrint i300