2016 Beseler T-16-8 Shrink Wrap System Sold Sold


2016 Beseler T-16-8 Shrink Wrap System Sold Sold

Las Vegas, NV


The Beseler T-16-8 Shrink Wrap System is a packaging machine designed for shrink-wrapping products in various industries. The system is manufactured by Beseler, a company that specializes in packaging equipment.

The T-16-8 Shrink Wrap System is known for its versatility and efficiency in packaging applications. It consists of a conveyor system, a sealing bar, and a heat tunnel. Here's a breakdown of its main components:

  1. Conveyor System: The T-16-8 features a conveyor belt that transports products through the packaging process. It allows for a continuous flow of products, ensuring efficient and streamlined operation.
  2. Sealing Bar: The sealing bar is responsible for creating a secure and tight seal around the product. It uses heat to seal the shrink film around the product, ensuring proper containment and protection.
  3. Heat Tunnel: After the product is sealed, it passes through the heat tunnel. The heat tunnel applies controlled heat, causing the shrink film to shrink tightly around the product, creating a professional and appealing packaging finish.

The Beseler T-16-8 Shrink Wrap System is commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and more. It offers a reliable and automated solution for packaging a wide range of products, providing protection, tamper-evidence, and improved aesthetics.

It's important to note that product specifications, features, and availability may vary over time, so it's always recommended to consult the manufacturer or authorized distributors for the most up-to-date information on the Beseler T-16-8 Shrink Wrap System.