Gast Vacuum Pump

Gast Vacuum Pump

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The Gast Pump # 00D20 0174007 Vacuum pump is a high-performance vacuum pump used in a range of industrial applications. The pump is designed to create a vacuum by removing air and other gases from a sealed chamber or system, and is commonly used in manufacturing, laboratory, and research settings.

The Gast Pump # 00D20 0174007 is a diaphragm-type pump, which means it uses a flexible diaphragm to create a pulsating vacuum. The diaphragm is moved back and forth by an electric motor, creating suction that pulls air or gas through the pump and into the chamber or system being evacuated. The pump is capable of generating a vacuum of up to 26 inches of mercury, making it a powerful and reliable option for a wide range of vacuum applications.

The Gast Pump # 00D20 0174007 is also designed to be durable and long-lasting. The pump features a corrosion-resistant aluminum housing that protects the motor and internal components from damage, while the diaphragm is made of a durable elastomer material that is resistant to wear and tear. The pump is also equipped with a built-in thermal overload protector that helps prevent overheating and prolongs the life of the motor.

Overall, the Gast Pump # 00D20 0174007 is a versatile and reliable vacuum pump that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. Its high-performance capabilities, rugged construction, and long-lasting durability make it a popular choice among professionals who require a powerful and reliable vacuum pump for their work.


ManufacturerGast Vacuum pump
ModelVacuum Pump