Rietschie Thomas KTA 80 Vacuum Pump

Rietschie Thomas KTA 80 Vacuum Pump

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Rietschie Thomas vacuum pumps are a type of industrial vacuum pump that are commonly used in applications where high vacuum levels are required. They are designed and manufactured by Rietschle Thomas, a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and compressors.

Rietschie Thomas vacuum pumps utilize a positive displacement mechanism to create vacuum. This means that the pump's rotor, which has two or more vanes, rotates inside a cavity in the pump's housing. As the rotor turns, the vanes sweep the gas or air molecules out of the cavity and into the pump's exhaust port. This creates a vacuum by reducing the pressure inside the pump.

There are several types of Rietschie Thomas vacuum pumps available, including oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, dry running claw pumps, and liquid ring vacuum pumps. Each type has its own advantages and is suited for specific applications.

Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps are designed for high vacuum applications and can achieve vacuum levels of up to 10^-3 mbar. They are reliable, efficient, and require minimal maintenance.

Dry running claw pumps are designed for clean and dry vacuum applications, such as in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. They do not require any oil or water, which eliminates the risk of contamination.

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed for applications where large volumes of gas or air need to be pumped, such as in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They are capable of handling wet and corrosive gases and can achieve vacuum levels of up to 33 mbar.

Overall, Rietschie Thomas vacuum pumps are known for their high performance, reliability, and efficiency, and are used in a wide range of industrial applications.


ManufacturerRietschie Thomas
ModelKTA 80