Moore 8500 unwind stand

Moore 8500 unwind stand

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The Moore 8500 unwind stand is a piece of equipment used in the paper and printing industry to hold and unwind large rolls of paper or other materials. The stand is designed to accommodate rolls of up to 84 inches in diameter and up to 10,000 pounds in weight.

The unwind stand is made up of a sturdy frame, a roll shaft, and a brake system. The roll shaft is inserted into the core of the paper roll and is held securely in place by adjustable chucks. The brake system is used to control the tension of the paper as it unwinds from the roll, ensuring a consistent and smooth feed into downstream equipment.

The Moore 8500 unwind stand is equipped with several features that make it a reliable and efficient option for high-volume printing operations. The stand includes a pneumatic brake system that can be adjusted to provide precise tension control, and an air-powered lift system that makes it easy to load and unload paper rolls. The stand also has a built-in web guide system that ensures the paper remains properly aligned as it feeds into the printing press or other equipment.

The Moore 8500 unwind stand is designed to be versatile and adaptable to a range of applications. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of printing and converting equipment, such as slitters, laminators, and sheeters. Overall, the Moore 8500 unwind stand is an essential piece of equipment for many paper and printing operations, helping to ensure a smooth and efficient production process.

Lightly used moore unwinder , 19 inch wide , excellent condition


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