Sencorp HP-15 Blister Packaging Machine

Sencorp HP-15 Blister Packaging Machine

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Las Vegas, NV

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The Sencorp HP-15 Blister Packaging Machine is a high-speed, automated packaging machine used to create blister packs. Blister packs are plastic packaging containers with pre-formed cavities that hold individual products, such as pills, tablets, or small items. The Sencorp HP-15 Blister Packaging Machine is designed to handle a wide range of blister pack sizes and materials, and is used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer goods, and electronics.

The machine uses a thermoforming process to create the blister packs. A plastic film is heated until it becomes pliable, then formed into the desired shape using a mold. The mold contains pre-formed cavities that will hold the products. Once the blister packs are formed, they are loaded with the products and sealed with a backing card or foil.

The Sencorp HP-15 Blister Packaging Machine is capable of producing up to 15 cycles per minute, making it a high-speed option for large-scale production runs. The machine is also equipped with advanced control systems that allow for precise temperature and pressure control, ensuring consistent and high-quality blister packs. Additionally, the machine features user-friendly controls and quick changeover capabilities, making it easy to switch between blister pack sizes and materials.

Overall, the Sencorp HP-15 Blister Packaging Machine is a reliable and efficient solution for blister pack production, and is widely used in a range of industries where precision and speed are important factors.

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